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Tired of being surrounded by walls of glass and concrete? Sick of riding the subway every single day? Do you want to see sunshine cascading across your green lawn in the morning? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, you’re most likely done with the typical big city life. And if that’s the case, you might want to consider moving to a beautiful suburban community like Cypress, TX. With plenty of things to do minus the chaos of typical city life, there’s no escape more perfect than this.

However, just like any other place, Cypress TX isn’t perfect. It shares some imperfections that can affect your quality of life. Here’s an overview of this Houston suburb’s pros and cons.

Cypress TX In A Nutshell

Cypress used to be nothing but farmland before investors came and developed the area. Today, it’s a massive cluster of master-planned communities with over 180,000 residents. With that being said, here’s a quick breakdown of its pros and cons:


·        Affluent neighborhoods


·        High-income population


·        Texas has no income tax


·        Small town vibe


·        Clean environment


·        Plenty of basic amenities


·        Expensive homes


·        Expensive rent


·        Unsafe in some parts


·        Long commute time to Houston


·        Somewhat dull nightlife


Pros of Living in Cypress, Texas

In general, Cypress gives you a lot of reasons to move here, including well-kept communities, abundant job opportunities, and a tight-knit community. In addition to these, here are some strong points that might appeal to you:

  • Affluent neighborhoods. Oops. Before you raise an eyebrow thinking, ‘How can an expensive locale be advantageous?’, keep in mind there’s more to Cypress than just the prices. Most homes are built on spacious lots with spacious lawns and generous swimming pools. Even apartment complexes feature innovative architecture and high-end amenities. And since these neighborhoods have been carefully planned prior to construction, you can ensure that you experience the best in life every single day.
  • High-income population. Cypress residents work in in-demand and high-paying industries. According to bestplaces.net, the median household income in Cypress is $98,191 a year, which is much higher than the US median. You will find plenty of opportunities for employment in Cypress as well as in nearby Houston.
  • Texas has no income tax. Complementing the area’s high earning potential, the state’s no income tax policy makes things even better for Cypress residents. You’ll get to enjoy relatively low living costs while still having plenty to spare for savings and hobbies.
  • Small town vibe. Although the population is nearing 200,000, this doesn’t change the fact that Cypress is not a city. You won’t have to stress with polluted air, overwhelming infrastructure, an endless 24/7 schedule, and a congested environment. It’s mainly a community of neighborhoods where residents interact, help, and have fun with each other, giving it a small-town Texas vibe.
  • Clean environment. If you search ‘Cypress Texas’ on Google, you’ll find pictures of lovely homes with neat lawns and litter-free streets. Yes, it’s real and 100% Photoshop-free. This is because most members of the community take care of the surroundings and preserve the town’s beauty.
  • Plenty of amenities. No, you don’t need to go to Downtown Houston to enjoy weekends. Cypress has all the recreational facilities commonly found in metro areas like waterparks, fitness centers, gyms, playgrounds, camping sites, trails, golf courses, resorts, and shopping districts. There’s no shortage of fun things to do both indoors and outdoors.

Cons of Living in Cypress, Texas

Cypress’s drawbacks typically revolve around its expensive homes, lack of certain establishments, and of course, its non-metro environment. Although these might not seem disadvantageous for some, here are some of its weaknesses:

  • Exorbitant home prices (in some neighborhoods). Well, what can you expect? In a community of wealthy professionals, it’s only logical for property values to skyrocket. Zillow reports that the median home price in Cypress is $281,644. However, if you look at individual listings, you’ll see that some houses can cost up to $1.5M+.
  • Expensive rent. The average rent in Cypress is $1,119 for single-room apartments and $1700 for condominium units. The average US rental is only about $783 per month. Things can get rough for families with low household incomes.
  • Safety. Surprisingly, Cypress’s crime rate is 11% higher than the national average for violent crimes and 5% higher for property crimes. But keep in mind that these incidents mostly occur in the outskirts instead of densely populated areas.
  • Long commute to Houston. Unfortunately, even though Cypress is supposedly a 30-minute ride to Downtown Houston, Highway 290 E is the only road that leads to it. You’ll have to exercise patience with the terrible traffic. Rush hours are the worst, especially if you have a short-tempered boss waiting for you to submit yesterday’s reports.
  • Somewhat dull nightlife. Face it. No matter how contented you are in a small town living, you’ll always crave some inner-city action. The shortage of bars and clubs in Cypress makes nighttime pretty calm and quiet. The lack of nightlife can be a down for someone who loves to drink and party.

Moving to Cypress TX

For most people, the pros of living in this peaceful suburb far outweigh any of the downsides. It’s a great place if you’re looking for a quiet community with access to gorgeous neighborhoods and decent amenities.

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