The cover photo features a view of Telge Park. Photo credit Michael Martin on Flickr.

With a population of more than 180,000, Cypress could easily qualify as a city of its own. Though it’s not an incorporated city, it has more residents than the cities of Killeen and Midland.

So why do so many people choose to call this area home? What makes this unincorporated community in Harris County so desirable? Here’s a list of six concrete reasons why it’s one of the best places to live in Texas.

1. Affluent Way of Life

Imagine strolling down a well-kept street, smiling at neatly dressed people walking their rare breed dogs. Looking around, you see plenty of large contemporary homes with beautifully landscaped lawns. Most of them have crystal clear pools too. As you near an intersection, you can’t help but notice some McLarens and Range Rovers among the cars waiting for the red light to turn green.

What you’ve just read is a picture of how Cypress actually looks. The area boasts gated communities with high-end real estate and residents who drive luxury cars and SUVs. It’s not a surprise considering that the median household income is far above the national median at $98,000. Approximately 77% of the population earns more than $50,000 annually. Additionally, 42% of these high-income folks average more than $100,000 a year – more than enough to manage the area’s affordable cost of living.

Not that there are no poor people in Cypress, though. The unemployment rate is a tad higher than the national average. However, it’s safe to say that the area is well-off since less than 10% of the residents live below the poverty line. If you’re searching for greener pastures, then it’s one of the lushest communities out there.

2. It’s Not As Boring As You Think

Cypress might not have lofty high-rises, gigantic theme parks, or massive stadiums, but it sure doesn’t run out of fun activities and unique establishments. Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature at Telge Park with its shaded trails, towering trees, playground, and plenty of serene spots for some quality meditation. Shopping your thing? Say no more and enter the vast world of Houston Premium Outlets. Get the hottest handbag or snag the latest apparel at discount prices. You can also play golf with regulars or compete in the amateur league of Blackhorse Golf Club. And if these activities aren’t enough to keep you occupied, you can always drive 30-minutes to Downtown Houston.

3. Numerous Job Opportunities (And it’s not all about Tech!)

Tech might be the most lucrative industry today, but Cypress’s economy doesn’t revolve around it. You don’t exactly need to be a data engineer or computer scientist to earn a decent living. Many of Cypress’s residents earn a decent living in education, construction, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare services.

And even if you don’t have a degree, day-to-day jobs in Cypress still pay somewhat decently. A store clerk or stocker can expect to earn $15 – $20 per hour. If you do the math, this rate amounts to almost $30,000-$40,000 annually, close enough to what professionals make in some places.

On top of that, salaried jobs aren’t the only opportunities that await you. Since Cypress is relatively new when it comes to residential and commercial development, it’s a great place to start a business as well. Whether you wish to open up a restaurant, put up a fashion brand shop, or run a motor parts store, you can expect a consistent stream of customers in this thriving Houston suburb.

4. Friendly Community

Cypress’s small-town feel and lack of urban density make it easy for residents to acquaint themselves with each other people. You might even get to befriend someone just by crossing paths on your daily jogging route. Neighbors socialize and help each other. The atmosphere here is so warm your mouth might hurt from returning everyone’s smiles.

5. Quality Education

With over 88 schools, the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District caters to at least 120,000 students. Send your kids to one of its 53 elementary schools, 18 middle schools, and 11 high schools. These Cy-Fair schools turn out students who perform better than national and state averages with minimal dropout rates.

6. Convenient Location

The best thing about Cypress is that, in addition to its already appealing qualities, you also get to enjoy Houston’s amenities without having to fully commit to the bustle of the metro area. It’s a great place if you hate crowded spaces, traffic, pollution, and city noise.

Moving here could easily be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. However, relocation can be quite a hassle, so make sure you enlist the help of trusted Cypress movers. We make your move easy with free quotes from our network of licensed Cypress moving companies.

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