They say everything is bigger in Texas. It might seem hard to miss anything, but there are actually plenty of hidden gems to discover in America’s second-largest state. Located along Highway 290, Cypress is an unincorporated community 24 miles northwest of Downtown Houston. Originally a rural area dotted with farms; it’s now one of Harris County’s fastest-growing suburbs. You’ll love all the pros of living here: fresh fields with cows grazing, clean-cut neighborhoods, an excellent healthcare system, top-notch schools, friendly residents, and of course, its convenient access to everything Houston has to offer.

But honestly, that’s just a formal introduction to Cypress. If you want to enjoy the city to its finest, here are seven fun things you should never miss!

1. Go On an Adventure

Wait. That sounds somewhat vague. Adventure, huh? Interesting, but what does it mean? Well, with more or less 30 parks and 20 unique trails, the combination of Cypress’s geography and nearby Houston’s attractions will surely fill your memories with unforgettable outdoor experiences.

Hop on your bike and speed across Buffalo Bayou featuring epic views of the Houston skyline, stroll around Rice University’s beautiful-molded campus, spend the night camping the night at Katy Lake, or venture through the glades, tree-lined paths, and wooden bridges of George Bush Park. Whether you’re an expert explorer or a casual nature lover, Cypress won’t disappoint you in providing the adventure of a lifetime!

2. Catch a Show or a Game at Berry Center

If your definition of fun involves watching artists perform or athletes hustling on the field, then you should give Berry Center a shot. This multi-purpose sports complex hosts big events all-year-round! Try to stay on the edge of your seat as football teams across Texas compete in the 11,000-capacity stadium or watch a world-class ballet performance in the 456-seat auditorium. Oh, and by the way, want to hear something awesome? Berry Center hosted season 7 of American Ninja Warrior Auditions and the 2016 State College Slam Dunk and 3-pt Championship. There could be a big event during your visit. You’ll never know unless you scope it out!

3. Beat the Heat with a Splash

The intense climate can be too much to handle, even for native Texans. Luckily, Cypress provides plenty of options to beat the blazing sun. Start the cooling session by heading over to Six Flag Hurricane Harbor. This Caribbean-themed waterpark with more than nine waterslides, two large pools, and dozens of attractions is the largest in Houston. If that’s not enough for chilling out, then take an hour-ride to Schlitterbahn Galveston Island that offers a more refreshing experience with 30 unique rides, including uphill water coasters, playgrounds, vertical plunge, a vast wave pool, and adrenaline-popping rapids.

4. Try Some Nitrogen Ice Cream

Yes, it sounds cool, and no, it’s not dangerous. See, waterparks aren’t the only way to conquer the Texas sun in Cypress. Both a local and tourist favorite, the Sub Zero Nitrogen ice cream is one of the summer’s best sellers. The frozen dessert is served cold (obviously), then poured with liquid nitrogen to freeze it even more, hand-mixed, and then topped with your favorite flavors on the spot! It’ll probably be the creamiest, mouth-melting-est, sweetest thing you’ll ever taste. And before you judge that it’s only for people with a sweet tooth, the café also serves vegan, gluten-free, low sugar, and gluten-free ice cream!

5. Visit the Space Center

A Cypress fun guide won’t be complete without mentioning the state-famous Space Center. Situated just 30 minutes away from Downtown, this facility provides an enjoyable experience for everyone – be it an adult, space geek, student, professor, or kid. You can check out the three detachable compartments of the Saturn V rocket, gape at the Space X Falcon 9 exhibit, and explore other starship replicas. Quench your thirst for the great beyond as you learn more about space exploration, NASA’s upcoming projects, or even get a chance to perform some basic astronaut drills! All in all, the Space Center never fails to introduce people to a whole new world with space travel.

6. Spend the Weekend at Urban Air

Are you an indoor person? Do you find the outdoors bland and typical? Why don’t you try having fun indoors? Introducing the Urban Air Trampoline, a bouncy park featuring twelve attractions and fun activities. Conquer your fears in the drop zone area, test your strength at wall-climbing, play dodge ball, brave the warrior course, or engage in a heated swordfight with your friends in the Battle Beam! Plus, Urban Air is more than just a playground. You can also attend fitness classes, Zumba sessions, and parties!

7. Shop at Houston Premium Outlet

For fashionistas, shopping is the ultimate bliss. And if you’re in Cypress, the Houston Premium Outlet should be the first thing on your bucket list. This off-retail designer outpost offers more than 150 designer brands like Versace, Lucchese, Burbbury, and Coach. Fill your shopping bags with premium apparel, accessories, shoes, and sandals for both men and women. The more you buy, the better deals you get, and the more savings you’ll rake in. So, what are you waiting for? You should be on your way to Houston Premium Outlet now!

Paying a visit is one thing but living in Cypress gives you unlimited access to these fun experiences. Aside from brimming with activities, the community is also reasonably affordable, and you can find plenty of opportunities – whether it’s business, home-based, or corporate jobs. If you ever decide to reside in Cypress, make sure you hire cheap but reliable Cypress movers.

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