If you’re moving to Houston, bravo — the great state of Texas is waiting to welcome you. Before you begin to explore its delights, however, you’ll want to make sure that all the proper utilities for your new home are in place and in good working order. Following is a list of some of the leading service providers in the Houston area, with phone numbers as well as links to their websites. You’ll have all the essentials taken care of when it comes time to load up that moving truck.

Houston Electricity Providers

The leading electricity provider for the region is Houston-based Champion Energy (281-653-5090). While the flagship location is in Texas, Champion is the fastest-growing provider of retail electricity in the United States, reaching as far north as Maine. Their easy-to-navigate website offers 24-hour customer service, online bill pay, and account management. Rates are competitive, and customer satisfaction ratings are high.

Houston Water Providers

Houston Public Works provides water utilities to residents of Houston. Visit their online portal to set up or transfer your service. The website also offers a handy client portal for ease of bill payment, as well as helpful tips for cutting down on water consumption.

For water utilities outside of Houston check with your town or city to set up service.


If your new home uses propane for the cooking range or oven, then contact Texas Star Propane to set up a new account. The Plantersville-based company bills itself as a leader in the customer service industry first, and a purveyor of propane second. Before your move, make sure you’re also familiar with any heating or cooling units that may need servicing — Texas Star will likely be able to help you out in that department as well.

Cable and Internet Providers in Houston

Industry giants such as Comcast by XfinityDirecTV, and Spectrum all offer services in the Houston area, and their rates are both competitive and fair. Shop around to see which package best suits your needs. Remember that in an exciting metropolis like Houston, you’re unlikely to be spending much time in front of the tube, so springing for a bunch of extra channels might not be the best use of your discretionary income. If there’s a trial period available for channels you think you might be interested in, go for it — you can always cancel later if you find you’re not taking full advantage of the offerings.

With the right preparation, moving day can go just as smoothly as any other — or perhaps even more so. Best of luck to you in your upcoming move to Houston and your new phase in life! Don’t forget that we know a thing or two about the moving process. If you need help from a licensed and insured moving professional, call Cheap Movers Houston to discuss your moving needs: www.cheapmovershouston.net

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