When people talk about living in Houston, Cypress is often part of the discussion. Previously a vast stretch of farmland, it has now evolved into a wealthy and rapidly-growing Houston suburb. Locals and visitors alike never fail to appreciate the community’s small-town vibe, well-maintained environment, affluent neighborhoods, healthy economy, fun attractions, and convenient proximity to Downtown Houston.

Since you’re here to learn about it, here’s a little fun fact: Cypress has over 180,000 residents, yet it’s not officially a city. It’s more of a cluster of master-planned communities with no municipal government of its own. Everything is under the extraterritorial jurisdiction of Houston.

In recent years, property values in the area have been on the rise. Its hometown atmosphere appeals greatly to people searching for a peaceful life without having to compromise on access to Houston’s amenities. In addition to countless opportunities, the abundance of top-performing schools, nature parks, an abundance of things to do, and playgrounds make Cypress a great place to start or raise a family.

So if you’re planning to move to Cypress TX, here are the top-rated neighborhoods for you to explore! Need some help? We can connect you with the best Cypress movers as well!


  • Median home sales price: $393,000
  • Home values: $300K – $1.5M+
  • Avg Rent: $1,618

Bridgeland is an award-winning masterfully planned community located in northeastern Cypress. Bordered by Fry Rd, Cypress Lake, and Hwy 99, from here, you’ll reach Downtown Houston in about thirty to forty-five minutes via US-290 E. Of course, the length of the trip depends on the traffic.

A popular choice among transplants, Bridgeland’s 13,000 residents get to enjoy 11,400 acres of beautifully developed land, unique establishments, and sophisticated homes. When buying a home here, there’s a myriad of options that await you — from modernized townhouses to grand homes with large pools. They come with attractive lawns too!

Although Bridgeland doesn’t have a lot of schools, the institutions found in its vicinity are some of the best across the state. Send your little ones to Wells Elementary or Pope Elementary, or enroll your teenagers at Bridgeland High School.

Boredom is nonexistent when living in Bridgeland. The Lakeland Activity Center at the heart of the community offers various activities with its resort-oriented design, tennis court, playgrounds, and fitness gym exclusive only to residents. In addition to that, you can take your kids to a natural escapade to Shore Park or the Bridgeland Tree House. Want to hit the links? The Black Horse Golf Course is only a 10-minute walk away!

Bridgeland is an award-winning masterfully planned community. Photo courtesy of HAR.com.

Towne Lake

  • Median home sales price: $399,000
  • Home values: $300K – $2.25M+
  • Avg Rent: $ 2,450

Note: Home prices listed above are according to redfin.com.

If you’re not a fan of the intense Texas summers, Towne Lake is a perfect choice! Nestled near the core of Cypress, it has no absolute boundary, but locals like to believe it spans horizontally across Tuckerton Rd in the north and through West Rd in the south. If you need to go to Downtown Houston, just hop on Hwy 290.

The quality of life that its 40,000 residents enjoy is first-class. Most homes stand on spacious lots and boast the latest architectural designs. Educational options are more abundant than those in Bridgeland. Top schools that serve this neighborhood include Postma Elementary, Rennell Elementary, and Anthony Middle School. As for recreation, prepare to explore miles of hiking and biking trails, a serpentine waterpark, community centers, lively boardwalks, and several playgrounds.

Of course, who can forget the famous lake the community is named after? With 300-acres of crystal clear waters, Towne Lake is the largest private recreational lake in all of Houston. It’s the ultimate spot to go fishing, boating, go on family picnics, swimming, or even meditate. Nothing’s more refreshing than the feel of a whistling breeze on your face as you enjoy the serenity of nature.

As for recreation, prepare to explore miles of hiking and biking trails, a serpentine waterpark, community centers, lively boardwalks, and several playgrounds. Photo courtesy of Towne Lake.

Canyon Lakes West

  • Median home sales price: $205,000
  • Home values: $145,000–$600,000
  • Avg Rent: $2,133

Although it’s not as large as other neighborhoods, you shouldn’t underestimate the beauty and charm that Canyon Lakes West possesses. Positioned a little northeast of Cypress Springs, this 1800-acre master-planned community occupies only a small area on the western side of Fry Rd. Same as anyone from Cypress, just take 30 mile trip to Downtown Houston via US-290 E. Brace yourself for the traffic, though!

Its small population of 4,000 holds the secret to Canyon Lakes West’s tight-knit community.  Housing choices range from stylish colonial houses to extravagant condominiums. Residents are so nice you’ll feel at home right after you move in. It’s typical for neighbors to engage in friendly chit-chats and almost everybody knows each other from this side of town. Kids grow up closely together, forming strong bonds of friendship that last even after they finish school.

Good news! The children here benefit from excellent learning here thanks to the presence of Lycee Montessori School and Andre Elementary. Take your whole fam to unwind at the traditional Stone Gate Clubhouse that boasts a Jr. Olympic-size pool, toddler pools, playgrounds, jogging trails, and a fitness center. Other features, including splash pads, a 5-acre waterpark with tunnel slides, spray hoops, and geysers, are open exclusively to community residents. Oh, and before you forget, make sure to drop by Kolache Bar Cypress for some delicious kolaches and donuts on a lazy Saturday morning.

You shouldn’t underestimate the beauty and charm that Canyon Lakes West possesses. Photo courtesy of HAR.com.

Cypress Village

  • Median home sales price: $674,000
  • Home values: $582,500 – $1M+
  • Avg Rent: $2,040

Sitting 19 miles northwest of Downtown Houston, Cypress Village is not your typical village. It’s an affluent community known for its luxurious apartment complexes with exquisite lawns and gorgeously-lit pools, in addition to high-end duplexes and single-family homes. This master-planned community starts at Rosehill Rd at the west and extends to Skinner Rd to the east.

First of all, you’ll likely fall in love with the shopping experience in Cypress Village. Chains of retail stores and fashion brands line the streets, making it a paradise for fashionistas. If you’re a nature lover, Cypress Top Historic Park and Little Cypress Creek Preserve are within walking distance.

Enjoy the exceptional dining experience that its 43,000 residents have been savoring for years. Try the exotic flavors of Boar’d to Death, buy snacks from different food trucks at Rose Beer Garden, or taste the unique dishes served at Wanka Peruvian Fusion.

Cypress Village takes pride in Spillane Middle School, which ranks 2nd among Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District’s best schools. Its performance also reflects that more than 96% of its students perform better than those in other Texan institutions. At Spillane, you can trust that your child’s education is in good hands.

If you’re a nature lover, Little Cypress Creek Preserve is within walking distance. Photo courtesy of Wander Wisdom.

Lakes of Fairhaven

  • Median home sales price: $285,000
  • Home values: $130,500 – $800,000
  • Avg Rent: $1,840

Around since 2004, Lakes of Fairhaven is probably the oldest neighborhood on this list. However, like fine wine, the area has only gotten better over the years. Perched up north in Cypress, this community is quite far from Downtown Houston. If traffic is favorable, you’ll be there in 45 minutes. But considering it’s Highway 290, the ride’s more likely to take an hour. Fairhaven is bordered by Schiel Rd and the creek that runs across Mason Rd.

With only 5,000 residents, Fairhaven is as peaceful as it gets. Children attend Swenke Elementary, Salyards Middle School, and Cypress High. There’s a baseball field nearby, and if you’re looking for a challenge, you can always visit Cypress Lakes Golf Club. On weekends, take your pets for an outing at Fairfield Dog Park.

Honestly, the beauty of Lakes of Fairhaven lies in its quiet environment. You’ll be refreshed to see clean streets, perfectly-trimmed trees, children playing in their yards, and locals walking their dogs.

The beauty of Lakes of Fairhaven lies in its quiet environment. Photo courtesy of Cross Capital Realty.


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