What will it take to transport your washer and dryer, flat-screen TV, and bulky armoire? Furniture moving may be the #1 hurdle on moving day.

Cheap Movers Houston has already identified the best experts for you. Our Houston furniture moving companies are strong, polite, reliable, and affordable. Do you plan to stage an investment property or move your furniture cross-country? Our furniture movers can assist with either of those needs, as well as rearranging furniture in your own home, moving furniture locally, and more!

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Furniture Moving In Houston

What moving concerns are brewing in your mind? Are you worried about where you’ll store your furniture for the time being, if there’s a gap between your move-out and move-in dates? Do you know the best ways to move antique items and gun safes?

Maybe you have specialty or oversize items or vehicles that will be difficult to move. Perhaps you realize that even once you get all of your stuff from point A to point B, you’ll still have to reassemble and rearrange all of your heavy furniture – and you don’t know anyone who can help in your new area.

Our excellent Houston, Texas furniture movers can provide complete peace of mind. They can move anything anywhere and help you with anything from packing to rearranging. Whatever your moving needs may be, our Houston furniture moving companies are happy to help.

In-Home Furniture Moving & Staging

No matter how far you’re relocating your furniture, you still have to physically pick it up and move it! In-home furniture moving & staging requires manpower and knowledge. Fortunately, our TX movers can bring the power and know-how right to your door, and they will follow your exact instructions until you’re thrilled with the results of your in-home moving or staging project.

Local Furniture Moving In Houston

We have found local Houston furniture movers who offer the best value in the business! You deserve world-class services at an affordable rate, so you can customize your local move and have a stress-free experience.

Interstate And Cross Country Furniture Moves

Moving cross country is challenging in so many ways, so why not hire someone to lift the physical load off your back? Your Houston furniture moving company can lift, load, and transport your furniture safely. They can also carefully pack your items, store them temporarily or long-term, and reassemble and rearrange them in your new home if you would like them to.

Moving A Gun Safe

Do you have a heavy gun safe that you need to move? Our furniture movers have experience in transporting all kinds of gun safes safely.

Shipping A Single Piece Of Furniture

Instead of driving all of your furniture across the country yourself, you have the option to ship it all (or just one or two items). Your experienced Houston furniture movers know how to properly pack your unique furniture items, insure your belongings, and ship them in the most affordable way available.

Couches And Sofas

Disassembling, measuring, wrapping – moving your couch or sofa is just the beginning of a long day of moving, but our furniture movers can help. They don’t cut corners. They work hard so that you can save your back and knees from strain and injury!

Specialty Items

Look around your home. Do you have any furniture that you believe might be hard to move? Don’t worry – your Texas furniture moving professionals have experience moving large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines, extra bulky items like exercise machines and hot tubs, and even vehicles like golf carts and riding lawnmowers.

Office Furniture

Whether you are moving your home office or an office with 10,000 employees, you can depend on our Houston furniture movers to do the job right. Our experts don’t invade your space without a plan – they plan and manage your move carefully and based on your preferences.

Antiques And Vintage Furniture Pieces

Antiques may not be as functional as your other furniture pieces, but they hold sentimental value and treasured memories. Antiques require special treatment, including advanced packing, transportation, and storing methods. Ask our TX moving companies for an accurate quote.

Furniture Storage

You might be waiting on the construction of your dream home, or you might still be on the lookout for the right place. You need somewhere safe to keep your large furniture pieces in the time being. Many of our Houston movers offer full-service packing, moving, and storage services.

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During any move, safety is paramount, followed by mental wellness and financial needs. Our experienced Texas furniture movers take these three needs very seriously and allow you to fully customize your move to minimize your stress and physical risk.

  • Tools and Equipment: What heavy items do you own that are immovable without the right equipment? Your Houston moving company will bring furniture dollies, hand trucks, straps, sliders, and more so you don’t have to make that investment yourself. They know the best way to relocate everything from gun safes to grand pianos.
  • Protection for Your Home: Naturally, you’ll want to avoid denting the walls, scratching on your hardwood floors, and yanking up the carpet. It is best to hire a professional moving company that has plenty of experience. They utilize rug runners, foam roll, furniture pads, and innovative application methods to protect your furniture and your home from permanent damage.
  • Taking Apart and Disassembling Large Pieces: Love seats, dressers, office furniture, box springs, and many other furniture items may require disassembly to fit through the door and down the narrow staircase. Our Houston movers are skilled in all areas of furniture disassembly. Of course, they can reassemble everything at your final destination.
  • Padding and Wrapping Furniture: In almost all cases, there are two ways to pack up your furniture: the safe way and the unsafe way! Don’t put your most expensive possessions at risk with a faulty packing job. Your TX moving company should bring double lock-stitched quilts and other advanced padding methods to safeguard your valuable furniture.
  • Delivery, Reassembly, and Arranging Furniture: Our caring professionals will give you and your belongings proper attention and care. They can even help you reassemble and arrange all of your items once you arrive in your new home and ensure you are happy in your new space!

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