It’s not an easy decision to move. You’ll have to consider a lot of things. One of them is the cost of living in your new hometown. What you spend on groceries and rent will have a huge impact on your budget. Home prices determine the quality of space you can afford. And don’t forget about other expenses, like gas!

Just thinking about these expenses can be pretty overwhelming. However, the fact that you’re here doing some research means you’re on the right path. Moving might be such a hassle but not so much when you’re prepared.

But before jumping to the cost of living, why don’t you get to know Spring, Texas first?

A Quick Look at Spring TX

Many people have misconceptions about the small town of Spring, Texas. They think it’s a backwoods community with nothing to offer but cowboys, dull plains, and cattle. But they couldn’t be more wrong!

Home to more than 60,000 people, Spring is filled with artists, musicians, and friendly faces from all walks of life. And while there are plenty of big-city attractions in nearby Houston or Dallas, you’ll never find such a tight-knit community as you will here in Spring.

Running out of things to do is surprisingly difficult in this humble town. There’s plenty of attractions to explore, including massive parks, challenging trails, mesmerizing gardens, restaurants, and exciting museums. You and your fam can also enjoy the summer with a trip to the local waterpark!

Sounds incredible, right? Well, it is one of the best places to live in TX! Enough with the hype, and let’s jump straight to business.

Cost of Living in Spring TX

Overall Cost of Living

Judging from the statistics, the amount you’ll have to spend in Spring will be somewhat reasonable. According to data gathered by, the overall cost of living index in the area is 98.7 compared to the U.S average, which is 100.

Now, what is this cost of living index? Simply put, it’s a number, usually 1-100, that is relative to the actual expenses in an area. With the U.S average at a constant 100, cities with lower indexes are expectedly cheaper while those with higher figures are more expensive than the rest of the country.

Going back to Spring, you can then conclude that it’s cheaper than average by at least 1.3%. Here’s a little table from the Family Budget Calculator that shows the estimated expenses of a standard family of four in Spring, Texas.


Monthly Costs
2 adults and 2 children
Spring TX
Annual Costs
2 adults and 2 children
Spring TX
Housing $1,038 Housing $12,455
Food $711 Food $8,530
Child Care $1,021 Child Care $12,251
Transportation $1,093 Transportation $13,115
Healthcare $924 Healthcare $11,090
Other Necessities $706 Other Necessities $8,466
Taxes $592 Taxes $7,103
Total: $6,084 Total: $73,010

This might seem overwhelming the first time you look at it. However, note that your budget may vary depending on your energy consumption, commute method, and lifestyle choices. For instance, if one parent stays home with the kids, you won’t have to factor in the cost of childcare.

So, how do Spring’s statistics compare with major Texan cities? There’s only one way for you to find out – read further!

Spring TX vs. Houston TX

  • Overall, there’s not much difference between the two areas, but Houston is cheaper by about 2.2%.
  • The median home price in Spring is $193,900, while it’s $185,500 in Houston.
  • Medical and miscellaneous expenses are on par. Transportation is more expensive in Spring by 5%, groceries 2%, and utilities by 0.4%.

Spring TX vs. Austin TX

  • Austin is 20.9% more expensive than Spring. Housing is the biggest factor to this difference.
  • The median home price in Austin is $369,000, which is higher by 90.3%. Additionally, Austin’s average rent is $1,388/mo while it’s only $1082/mo in Spring.
  • Transportation expenses in Spring are about 13% higher when compared to Austin.

Spring TX vs. Dallas TX

  • All in all, Spring is only 2.9% cheaper than Dallas.
  • However, there’s a 10.7% difference in housing since Dallas’s median home price is higher at $214,700.
  • Transportation in Spring is 6.8% pricier than in Dallas. As for the rest of the expenses, Spring offers more affordable options.

Economy and Job Market

The economy is the lifeblood of any community. A strong economy ensures a high standard of living for its residents while opening doors for new businesses and opportunities. So how are things going in Spring, Texas?

Good news! The community is enjoying a steady 3.2% job market increase every year. The future looks even more promising, with an expected growth of at least 32.3% for the next ten years. Additionally, Spring’s median household income is $67,252 which is much higher than the U.S. average of $53,482.

Living here, you’ll have a diverse set of job options in various industries like warehousing, retail, construction, manufacturing, education, and healthcare. Major employers include large energy and oil companies. However, it isn’t all good news. It’s important to know that Spring’s unemployment rate is 4.0%, and 13% of the population lives below the poverty line.


Welcome to the subject that nobody wants to talk about! While taxes might not be a fun topic, it’s certainly one of the most important aspects to consider when moving. If you’re not prepared, you’ll be surprised by the chunk the government takes from your salary.

Here are the current tax rates to expect in Spring:

  • Property Tax: With no income tax, property tax rates in Texas tend to be high in general. The average property tax rate in Harris County (where Spring is located) is 2.030%. You can expect to pay an average of $5,075 per year compared to the U.S. average of $2,675.
  • Sales Tax: According to the breakdown by, The minimum combined sales tax rate for Spring, Texas is 8.25% compared to the U.S. average of 7.12%. The Texas sales tax rate is currently 6.25% plus the 2% from the Houston MTA Transit and Harris Co Emergency Services District No 7 Sp taxes.
  • Income Tax: Nothing much to say except that Texans love their no-income-tax policy.

Wrapping Up Your Move

Taking everything into account, Spring is no doubt a great place to live. It offers diversity, lots of green space, and best of all, an affordable cost of living. If you decide to make the leap, make sure you hire reliable Spring movers that you can count on. We’re here to make your transition as smooth as possible.

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