Life is simple when you’re single. You only have to think about yourself. However, things take a massive turn when you get married. The welfare of your family becomes a top priority. That said, consider a move to Spring TX if you’re looking to raise yours in the best environment possible.

Founded back in 1836, this small town started from a tiny group of 153 people and has grown into a bustling community of almost 60,000 residents. It offers a wide variety of benefits for locals, including numerous affordable housing options, great restaurants, a low crime rate, plenty of things to do, and shops that offer all kinds of goods.

Sounds promising? Good! But first, you know how moving can be stressful, right? Make sure you’ve got the best Spring and Houston movers backing you up. That said, here’s the list of the top neighborhoods to check out in town.

Cypresswood Lake

  • Median Home Price: $201,000
  • Average Rent: $1300 / month

Wedged near the western border of Spring, Cypresswood Lake is a popular master-planned community. Home to 11,000 residents, this average-sized neighborhood starts from Louetta Crossing in the north and ends along the curve of E Cypresswood Dr in the east and south. Although it’s 25 miles north of Houston, getting to Downtown shouldn’t be a problem since the area’s right beside Interstate – 45.

Alright, so what makes this community great? For starters, it has a lake sitting in the heart of the neighborhood. The refreshing view of clear water adds to the community’s tranquil vibe. You’ll also appreciate the symmetrical arrangement of lots. It’s not too crowded, yet no space is wasted. Housing options consist mostly of reasonably cheap single-family cottages and beautiful contemporary homes. There are also apartments available, but there aren’t many of them.

This neighborhood has easy access to shopping chains just to the west, making it easy to run your errands. Students in this neighborhood attend McNabb Elementary and Spring Highschool. The Moriah Davis School of the Arts is also a solid choice if you don’t mind an extra 4-minute drive.


Cypresswood Lake is a popular master-planned community. Photo courtesy of Discover Spring Texas.


  • Median Home Price: $268,000
  • Average Rent: $1,295 / month

Just like its name, Windrose’s design and natural beauty are magical. A master-planned community of 2200 homes, it’s located 27 miles northwest of Downtown Houston. The neighborhood spans a large area starting from Mt Highland Park road in the east, running across three miles until Kuykendahl Rd to the west. North and south are bordered by Bluestone Springs Ln and T C Jester Blvd, respectively.

Dotted with affordable houses, homes in Windrose range from humble townhouses to extravagant mansions. Prices range from $180,000 – $1.5M. Although it’s not necessary considering the area has an insignificant crime rate, there are also plenty of gated communities.

Living in Windrose equals a life of convenience and opportunities. You’ll find a plethora of restaurants around the Rhodes Rd intersection while enjoying the chain of retail shops along Kuykendahl’s. The community has two swimming pools. There’s also a 20-acre lake railed with fishing piers, a golf park, a recreation center, and plenty of parks featuring vast soccer fields. There’s practically no reason to go outside the neighborhood boundaries!

Kids attend the Klein Independent School District, which has 32 elementary schools and five high schools. Windrose students are zoned for Benignus Elementary and Spring High School.

Windrose’s design and natural beauty are magical. Photo courtesy of Discover Spring Texas.

Spring Lakes

  • Median Home Price: $259,800
  • Average Rent: $1,013 / month

If you prefer a gated community with numerous amenities inside, Spring Lakes is the place to be. Situated in the heart of Spring, this place is enclosed to the west by Hardy Toll road and a series of brick walls to the east just before Park45 apartments. Downtown Houston is only 24 miles south of the neighborhood via Interstate – 45.

With a population of less than 6,000, most of the residents live in homes that either feature traditional cottage design or rock modern contemporary architecture. A lot of these houses sit on spacious lots that are neatly arranged in well-kept subdivisions. This creates a fresh atmosphere that you and your family will definitely appreciate.

With access to more than 140 retail shops, you can comfily balance necessities and leisure spending. Spring Lakes also offers dozens of dining options, from your regular McDonalds or Burger King to more local flavors like Farley’s Fit Kitchen and 5.ATE Café. Cool off at the community pool, play volleyball with friends, or simply enjoy the breeze as you stroll the trails around the lake. Here, your children will have access to quality education in the Spring Independent School District. Top-performing schools include Northgate Elementary, Spring High School, and Spring Leadership Academy.

If you prefer a gated community with numerous amenities inside, Spring Lakes is the place to be. Photo courtesy of

Lexington Woods 

  • Median Home Price: $272,000
  • Average Rent: $1,150 / month

Imagine living peacefully in a beautiful community with tree-lined streets and awesome neighbors. You don’t have to when you purchase a home in Lexington Woods. This neighborhood with a population of 7,000 residents can be found in eastern Spring 26 miles north of Downtown Houston. Its area starts at Adlen Westfield Rd, running horizontally to the east until the edges of Pundt Park. Additionally, Rolling Glen Dr street separates it from Lexington Woods North, while Spring Creek Dr sets it apart from Spring Ridge to the south.

Like most of Spring, the homes in Lexington Woods are beautiful yet affordable. You can get a cozy townhouse for cheap or if your budget allows it, an expansive home sitting on a massive lawn. There are also several condos and apartments if purchasing a house isn’t yet an option.

Lexington Woods doesn’t fall short when it comes to education. Some options include Legacy the School of Sport Sciences, an accredited state charter school with a curriculum centered around sports professions, and Founders Christian School, which boasts both strong academic presence and core values. The nearby Pundt Park and Spring Creek should be more than enough to meet your family’s recreational needs.


The homes in Lexington Woods are beautiful and affordable. Photo courtesy of

Old Town Spring

  • Median Home Price: $233,250
  • Average Rent: $1,163 / month

Want quick access to everything Spring has to offer? Then Old Town Spring is the neighborhood you’re looking for. It’s just a half an hour drive north of Downtown Houston, so you can quickly escape whenever you want some big city action. W Riley Fuzzel Road borders the north, Aldein Westfield Rd in the east, and E Louetta Rd curves around the area to cover the south and eastern boundaries.

As one of Spring’s older neighborhoods, over 15,000 people call the area home. The housing options are quite diverse, from economic apartments to lovely single-family townhouses to well-built duplexes. Additionally, many residents drive their own cars instead of relying on public transport.

The biggest selling factor for Old Town Spring is the convergence of shops and restaurants in its central area. You’ll find cigar shops, jewelry stores, boutiques, and even a farmer’s market. Plus, you are guaranteed to find an eatery or café in almost every corner, including local favorites Belly of the Beast, The Tea Kettle Café, and Corkscrew BBQ. Hoping for some outdoor family bonding? Head over to Preservation Park and enjoy the vast green space with everyone!

Children of Old Town Spring attend schools in Spring ISD, feeding into Salyer’s Elementary and Carl Wunsche Sr. High School. Does your kid love music? Unlock their melodic capabilities at Spring School of Music. All in all, this neighborhood is ideal if you think the suburbs near the woodlands will bore you.

This neighborhood is ideal if you think the suburbs near the woodlands will bore you. Photo courtesy of mommynearest.

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