Moving can be stressful, but we think that finding a mover shouldn’t be. Cheap Movers Houston helps you narrow the search by allowing you to compare quotes from our list of fully insured, licensed movers. You can be assured that you’ll get the best prices from the most trusted movers in Houston. Simply fill out our painless form and get free moving quotes instantly!


Whether you’re moving inside the Loop or making a long distance move, we can match you with a moving company that suits your needs. So, get those boxes out and start packing, we’ll have a mover on the way to you in no time!

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What We Believe

We don’t think it should be hard to find reliable moving help. That’s why we work hard to screen moving companies. Here are the things we look for in our movers:



According to Texas law, all movers must have up-to-date licensing to transport customers’ belongings. Additionally, long distance movers (who complete interstate moves across state lines) must be licensed through the US Department of Transportation. We only work with moving companies who have gone to the effort to register and maintain their state and federal licensing.



Sometimes, even professional movers make mistakes or have something go wrong. When this happens, you want to ensure that your things are safe and covered by insurance. Always check that your mover can show proof of insurance.


On-Time Service with a Smile

If you’re on a tight moving timeline, it’s important that your movers show up when they say they will. And when you’re entrusting someone to handle your belongings, you want your movers to be friendly, courteous, and respectful. Those things are important to us too!


Transparent Pricing

From moving supplies to the deposit on your new lease, everyone knows that the costs of moving can really add up. At a time when you’re already paying lots to relocate, you shouldn’t have to worry about how much your movers will end up charging. Our goal is to help you find low rates on your moving services, with an accurate estimate BEFORE you sign the moving contract.


Compare quickly and save lots! Get moving and shop Cheap Movers Houston today!

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